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Where did ALO come from?

Ladies and classical music are terms that have more in common far more than one could possibly assume. Together they share charm and hidden beauty, mystery and directness, passion and calmness. No wonder that the union of feminity and musical instruments alone forms such a tuned-up symphony.

Year 2017 has taken off and the virtuoso violinist Miroslav Ambroš comes up with an original idea based on the union of feminity and music. In Czech Republic there could be found plenty of excellent and talented female musicians, however, is there an orchestra formed strictly by women alone? That is a concept that is, in fact, completely unique throughout the whole European scene.

Therefore Mr Ambroš takes up the challenge and gradually reaches out for some of the most talented Czech female musicians. After all, he himself, as the last student of Maestro violinist Josef Suk and along with his abundant concert experiences worldwide, belongs the top players we have.

Step by step he achieves to form a fully functional string orchestra with twelve permanent and a few alternating members having the winner of Prague Spring competition Olga Šroubková in the lead. Currently the female formation together with their solo violinist and art manager Miroslav Ambroš are ready to perform and their schedule for the upcoming season is getting filled.

Therefore do not miss the chance to hear and see this stunning experience enhanced by the engagement of beautiful music and charming ladies!

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